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Aims and Scope

Sleep & Exercise is a new open access, peer-reviewed scientific and medical journal that publishes high quality, peer-reviewed, original researches. The journal publishes research articles, reviews, case reports and letters on matters related to sleep and exercise in various aspects. It is a journal for clinicians and researchers interested in the study of sleep and its relationship to physical or mental exercise. The mission of this journal is to promote research on various areas related to sleep quality and exercise including sports (amateur or professional), dance, competitive e-gaming, physical rehabilitation, mental rehabilitation, etc.

The journal of Sleep & Exercise welcomes all types of study designs: Cohort, Case control studies, Cross-sectional, Longitudinal and Ecological studies related to the field of sleep medicine.
Research works suitable for publication in Sleep & Exercise include (but are not limited to) the following:
- Sleep in athletes
- Effects of sport/study programs on sleep
- Physical therapy and sleep
- Sleep and e-gamers

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